Relay Controllers

Relay ControllersDDRC320-MOT3 channel intelligent contactor, manual overide + RTC DDRC420FRThe Philips Dynalite DDRC420FR provides control of any type of switched load, including difficult lighting loads. This four channel device supports all types of switched loads up to 20 A inductive. DDRC810DT-GLThe Philips Dynalite DDRC810DT-GL is ideal for controlling bi-directional motors, such as curtain and blind

System Integration

System IntegrationDDMIDC8-NAThe Philips Dynalite DDMIDC8-NA is designed to enable cost-effective input integration to the Philips Dynalite control system from third-party systems such as security, HVAC and BMS. DNG232-NAThe DNG232-NA is designed to enable cost effective serial port integration between the Philips control system and third party systems such as AV, lighting desks, data projectors, HVAC,

Mixed Controllers

Mixed ControllersWall MountDMC2-CEThe Philips Dynalite DMC2 is a versatile modular controller that consists of a power supply module, communication module, and up to two interchangeable control modules. DMC4-CEThe Philips Dynalite DMC4 is a versatile modular controller that consists of a power supply module, communication module, and up to four interchangeable control modules. DMC810GLThe Philips Dynalite


LED ControllersDDLEDC605GLThe Philips Dynalite DDLEDC605GL is designed to control LED loads in decorative architectural lighting applications where creative color mixing and sequencing is required. The controller provides six pulse width modulated common anode voltage mode outputs, suitable for directly driving high intensity LED sources. The controller is designed for connection to an external DC power

Trailing Edge

Trailing Edge ControllersDTE1210 v3The Philips Dynalite DTE1210 trailing edge dimmer controller features 12 channels, with a maximum load per channel of 10 A and a total box load of 120 A. The trailing edge output makes the device suitable for control of both trailing and leading edge electronic transformers, as well as incandescent lamps and


SensorsDUS360CRDynalite multifunction 360° ceiling sensor The DUS360CR is a recess mountable 360 degree multifunction sensor that combines motion detection (PIR), Infrared remote control reception (IR) and ambient light level detection (PE) into one device for applications such as offices, lecture theaters and homes. DUS360CR-DALIThe Philips Dynalite DUS360CR-DALI is a recess mountable 360 degree multifunction sensor

Touch Screens

Touch ScreensDTP100 v2A Philips Dynalite touchscreen adds a new dimension of control to any automation application. The DTP100 supports a range of features that provide end-users with the ultimate in automation system interaction. The screen can be customized to control all automation elements from one location. The device features a screen size of 56 x

Wall Panels

Wall PanelsAntumbra SeriesAntumbraButton AUS/USThe Philips AntumbraButton user interface consists of easy to press mechanical buttons that can be customized with text or icons and incorporates the latest in field effect technology. The contemporary design features a number of button configurations, with each button capable of local or site-wide control functions. The PABPA range is suitable